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Our School

Skoi-Yase School

Skoi-Yase Primary School Grades K - 2
65 Fayette Street   Waterloo, NY 13165      315- 539-1520

Skoi-Yase Primary School is a "Happening" place! This primary building houses students from grades kindergarten through second grade. The mission of this school is to lay the foundation for the young child to become a lifelong learner in an atmosphere that fosters positive growth and promotes the successes of each individual child. We believe that children learn best by doing! Children need to be involved in their learning; they need to be active participants. There is an old proverb that helps explain this philosophy:

I Hear...l Forget  

I See...and I Remember

I Do... and I Understand

Teachers at Skoi-Yase Primary School embrace this type of learning...hands on! Students receive instruction in art, music, physical education, library and computer skills in addition to the regular classroom curricula. All instruction is guided according to the standards set by New York State. Character education is continuous throughout the year. Respect, responsibility, citizenship, honesty and compassion are woven in daily lessons. Children are taught to be responsible for their own actions and to do their Personal Best each day!

All children are special when they attend our school. We believe there is a brilliant child locked inside every student. Our job is to find the special key that unlocks learning for every student. We have specialists working to help meet your child's needs; speech therapists, an occupational therapist, a physical therapist, a school psychologist, a school counselor and exceptional classroom teachers and talented special education teachers.

Parents are the child's first teacher! We believe in working together as a team to meet and to understand the child as a person and a learner. Although our students are the youngest in the district, we have a keen awareness of our responsibility to educate all children as they enter the ever-changing world in the twenty-first century. Their future is just around the corner!


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An exciting new initiative at Skoi-Yase School. 

This fall, our school will be introducing “personalized learning” in some of our classrooms as a way to improve the learning experience and academic results for our students. Every student will have access to an iPad to use as a resource in class and we will focus class time on meeting the individual needs of each student through small group time with the teacher and the use of digital programs that adapt to each student’s strengths and gaps. Personalized learning will benefit our students in several important ways:

  1. Students will learn more and progress faster when the material is at the right level of difficulty and pace for him or her. Personalized learning customizes each student’s education by providing teachers with detailed, computer-generated information about the student’s learning needs and freeing up more time for teachers to teach students individually and in small groups.
  2. Personalized learning makes learning more interesting for students. Students will still learn from teachers, but they will spend just as much time learning from engaging online programs and from each other in collaborative group projects.
  3. Personalized learning gives students more opportunities to make decisions about how and what they learn, whether on a computer program or in a small collaborative group. When students feel “ownership” over their education, they are more engaged and their academic results improve. In addition to the benefits for students, blended learning will also support our teachers. While you may have heard about schools using computers to replace teachers, at Skoi-Yase we will use technology to help our teachers be more supportive of each student’s learning needs. Teachers will have better information about their students and more time to spend on teaching the more difficult concepts, while computers teach basic skills and knowledge.

Moving to a personalized learning program will be a learning process for all of the teachers at Skoi-Yase School and will require the support and patience of everyone involved. During this process, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. With your involvement and support, we are confident that this will be a huge step forward for our school, and a key to increasing student success in learning.

 Contact Information

Principal Mrs. Sarah Marchitell 315-539-1520
School Secretary Mrs. Mary Beth Hart 315-539-1520
School Counselor Mrs. Jada Bryant 315-539-1596
School Nurse Mrs. Karen campbell, RN 315-539-1525
Social Worker Ms. Corinne Turchetti 315-539-1442


School Hours 

Arrival…………………………………………………… 8:45 am
Students should not enter the building before 8:40 am.

Parent Pick-Up........................................  3:15 pm (2:15pm on Fridays)
Grades K-2 Bus Departure………………………………3:33 pm (2:33pm on Fridays)

Students must be signed out at the Main Office when they are picked up by parents or other authorized adults.